“Big nod to the lighting (Andy Grange), which performs the work of an intricate set.” ★★★★ Francesca Angelini – Sunday Times

“Lighting was simple, but very effective, spotlights bringing attention at crucial moments, and a  blackout to shock at the end.” ★★★★ Kate Woolgrove – Everything Theatre

“Designed by Andy Grange, light rises and sets across the theatrical terrain as Rehana travels in hope of finding her Father.” Josephine Balfour-Oatts – A Younger Theatre

“An atmosphere is generated by the judicious use of lighting but mainly by the conviction of Avital Lvova’s singular performance.” ★★★★ Arjun Ananthalingham – Theatre Bubble

“Stark lighting punctuates scenes, flips us back and forward in time and, in other moments, makes black pits of Lvova’s eye sockets.” ★★★★ Laura Foulger – The Up Coming

“The lighting design by Andy Grange in the smaller Arcola space is brilliant.” ★★★★ At Home He Feels Like A Tourist

“The sparse thrust stage is well-used from all angles, and Andy Grange’s lighting design texturises the atmosphere created by the script and Avital Lvova’s performance” Alice Carill – Theatre Full Stop

Big Foot

“Andy Grange’s sympathetic lighting helps ease the passage of time within the narrative.” ★★★ Paul Vale – The Stage 

“Intensified by the fantastic work of the creative team – particular commendation must go to Andy Grange, whose lighting design is second to none” … Andy Grange’s lights were the perfect combination of subtle and daring, marking changes of character and supporting the energy of the booming grime. ★★★1/2 Eloïse Poulton – The Spy In The Stalls

Private Lives

“The set is very elegantly lit: the evening light at one time, the morning light coming through the curtained windows are skilfully designed.” ★★★★ Tim Crow –  Behind The Arras


“Andy Grange’s clever use of coloured lighting to reflect mood, all of which turned the whole production into a combustion of energy.” Saskia Coombler – A Younger Theatre

The Collector

“Andy Grange’s lighting design makes up for a lack of sound in the generation of atmosphere, and helps to contribute towards creating a powerful scenography that comfortably accommodates its audience. Slick changes in lighting states, accompanied by a range of coloured washes, perfectly complement the mood of each section of the characters’ monologues.” Adam Bruce – A Younger Theatre